How to: Fry an egg using your computer

Cooking Eggs on an XP

My 12-inch Powerbook can get really hot, so I’ve always wondered what else I could do besides using it to keep warm during Buffalo’s winter. Thanks to Hack a Day, I’ve learnt something new today…

Trubador (aka Han-Tzong Su, PhD) from the Department of Physics, National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan, shows us a way. He tells us how he fries an egg on his AMD Athlon XP 1500+ processor, using a foil tray supported by a stack of 1p and 2p sterling coins. After about 4 minutes of warm up, it took 11 minutes to cook the egg. It later went with bread and brown sauce for a sumptuous meal.

Check out his instructions, complete with step by step photos.

4 thoughts on “How to: Fry an egg using your computer

  1. I’ve always wondered why computers can’t have a device that can create some sort of feedback loop for the heat generated to be reconverted into power. Heat is a source of energy isn’t it?

  2. hell of an expensive egg fryer.

    The heat generated from the PC is about 60% ( if I remember correctly) of the energy used into powering the system. Therefore, in order to convert that 60% back in it “useful” energy means losing 60% of that original 60%. Don’t know if that is worth it.

  3. mrbiglive: Even at 60%, the heat is wasted energy which could be channel for something else (e.g. via a conductive plate to keep coffee/tea warm). If it’s to reconvert the heat back to electrical energy, there’d be further loss, though it might still be powerful enough for a portable radio or to trickle charge rechargeable batteries. I’m sure there’s plenty more green ideas, so don’t shoot them down prematurely.

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