The EduBlog Awards 2005

This only applies if you’re an education-related blogger. If you’ve been blogging for a while, chances are you know who’s really hot out there with their blogs. If this hotshot blogger is in the academic field, you can nominate him or her for The EduBlog Awards 2005.

This second year’s award categories has expanded to include:
* Most innovative edublogging project, service or programme
* Best newcomer
* Most influential post, resource or presentation
* Best designed/most beautiful edublog
* Best library/librarian blog
* Best teacher blog
* Best audio and/or visual blog
* Best example/ case study of use of weblogs within teaching and learning
* Best group blog
* Best individual blog

There will also be a Best of the Best award, which will be open to all winners of the 2005 Edublog Award Categories.

I sent this to Ivan of RamblingLibrarian and told him I’d nominate him in the Best Librarian blog category. Being curious, he had more questions about the awards since he hasn’t heard of it before. Most of what you’re reading below is based on an email conversation he had with Josephine Fraser. She is managing the awards this year and has learnt enough from last year’s experience to make this year’s awards work better.

How did the EduBlogs Awards first come about?
My omnipotent academic advisor, Alex Halavais, started the ball rolling when he posted a call for an award, in response to the under representation/recognition of educational uses and users of blogs in the existing blog awards. James Farmer ran with the idea, then Alex posted an entry form.

This year’s changes to EduBlogs Award
The major changes this year are that nominations are confidential and only edubloggers (broadly defined) are eligible to nominate. The other major change is the awards ceremony and build up this year – Worldbridges will be hosting the awards, with Josephine, Jeff Lebow and Dave Cormier presenting. They will be broadcast live, with the opportunity for winners to join in the conversation and make their acceptance speeches! There will also be a parallel “backchannel” chat room for people to join in the fun and give their reactions to the award winners.

What does it mean to win an award?
According to Josephine, it’s a mark of respect and acknowledgement of the hard work you’ve been doing in the last year – that your contribution is acknowledged by the community as excellent and that you are very much appreciated as an edublogger. The awards process helps to raise the profile of edublogging and encourages the community to come together in a positive and self affirming way. The short list acts as a valuable resource for the community and a inspiration for what is possible through the power of blogging for learners and educationalists in general. To be honest the winning of an actual category is just a very nice bonus for the recipient – everyone after all needs to be told that they’re valued from time to time. The main thing is the taking part – whether you’re nominating or just thinking about the current shape of the edublogging landscape.

If you’re in the education field know of bloggers in your realm who deserves recognition, do nominate them for The EduBlog Awards 2005 by emailing nominations to!