Today’s Links: MeetwithApproval = Free (& Nicer) Meetup!

meet with approval: the free (& nicer) meetup

4 thoughts on “Today’s Links: MeetwithApproval = Free (& Nicer) Meetup!

  1. got to your website via technorati… meetwith approval…hmm….sounds a good idea, sure beats everyone clicking “reply all”….and everyone getting flooded…

  2. Hey Nicholas, it’s something people have always wanted since started charging groups. It’s a great way to organize meetings where everyone could agree on a time and place.

    BTW, read your blog about books. Since you love reviewing books and want to market your online secondhand bookstore, why not post reviews on the enw HighBrowse blog and have a link back to your store? Search my site for a post on High Browse, an initiative set up by the National Library Board.

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