7 thoughts on “Top 25 universities for international students

  1. Hey, where’s University of Chicago? Haha. We do have quite a number of Singaporean students, and we make up the largest proportion of international students on campus.

  2. Agrainofsand: Don’t be disheartened, enrollment is but only one factor in deciding a university’s reputation. Still, let’s investigate… According to your university’s international enrollment for 2004, there were 2,033 international students. Out of which, Singaporeans accounted for 80 in the University of Chicago. The ranking range is probably a little higher that’s why Chicago dropped out of the list. The University of Buffalo enrolled 3,965 international students in 2004-2005. I have a feeling UB is going up the international charts since just this fall, 4,003 international students were enrolled at UB among a total enrollment of 27,220 students.

    Sarah: For the UB ranking nationally, I refer to US News College ranking for 2006. Over there, we’re listed as 115 among Top National Universities, which ain’t bad at all given we’re a public institution!

  3. Woah, I am impressed that you actually went to look up my school’s stats. Thanks. Haha, surprisingly – we do make up the largest proportion at the college level, but the Chinese from mainland totally out number us.

    Interesting though, given that the U of C has a total student population of about 15000 (including grad and undergrad), so as % go, we have a higher number of international students.

    Fun stats!

  4. Ah, how to lie with statistics :). Now, the more interesting measure would likely be applications from foreign students, not enrollments. Otherwise, this may indicate little more than “universities who are most likely to admit foreign students.” (Or, said another way, “schools with low rejection rates.”)

    That said, we do have pretty decent company on that list, so it probably does bode well for us.

  5. Alex: Measuring global for a particular school by the number of applications might be a better measure, or at least complimentary. For all we know, in order to get more international students, one way might be to simply lower the admission standard. ­čśŤ

  6. Thanks for this info – I am presently working on a research proposal to study international students with disabilities and even though my home institution international students office tells me we are #8 [#1 in New England] it is nice to have some confirmation.

    Don’t be too impressed by the Harvard #’s — they’ll accept anybody ­čÖé

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