Diggdot.us: From Web 2.0 to Web 1.0?


OK this part is cool…
We now have an aggregator which combines Digg, Slashdot, and del.icio.us/popular onto one page. Not only does it combine them into a unified format without all fluff, but it also eliminate duplicates (is this human powered then?). Funny things is, this is the first case I’ve seen of Web 2.0 stripped down to Web 1.0…

There’s no provision for comments, and more importantly, no diggdot.us RSS?!? Heck I could roll my own better version of this using any other feed aggregator!

Just get direct RSS feeds from the three sites and toss them into your own RSS newsreader. This service should really be for Web 1.0 folks who haven’t ventured into the RSS domain.

UPDATE: Jeff (who should be a Diggdot developer) informs us that the RSS feed was put up there a couple days ago (http://diggdot.us/rss) and says the value add for using their feed instead of three individual feeds is that they remove the duplicates. They also intentionally stripped the comments so users can quickly see the popular discussions.

3 thoughts on “Diggdot.us: From Web 2.0 to Web 1.0?

  1. The RSS feed was put up there a couple days ago (http://diggdot.us/rss). It’d be a bit better than sub’ing all three independent RSS feeds because an attempt is made to remove dupes.

    The lack of comments is actually a goal of the site – if you like the discussion that takes place on each link, then you can hang out at the source website. Our motivation was actually a lack of interest in the comments and a desire to just see the stories and nothing but.


  2. It’s just an RSS feed aggregator republishing everything sorted by date to appear mixed. Feed On Feeds can do this for you with any combination of sites if you have hosted space on a web site to install it. It’s PHP and it’s very small and light.

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