Folding paper was never so freakin’ cool…

During a typically geeky instant message conversation at lunch…

icheerful: I just read some really old news in the Maths field. You know the classic problem of folding paper more than 8 folds?

Kevin: Oh I think so… I love puzzles!

icheerful: some girl solved that in 2001

Kevin: Daaamn!! Got a link?

icheerful: and broke the record …

Kevin: Folding paper officially turns me on now

icheerful: 9 10 11 12 folds. Hang on I’ll get it for you…

icheerful: See Folding – From MathWorld and Folding Paper in Half 12 Times.

icheerful: Smart gal man! I’ve always thought it was possible, but never took it to further. Crap … to think that another singaporean name could be in the maths book… haha!

Kevin: *Dumbfounded* Hey what was the 12 folds about?

icheerful: folding the paper 12x

Kevin: fold into what exactly?

icheerful: just half-ing it. For example: You take a piece of paper now, fold it in half and see how many times you can do it. It doesn’t matter how you fold it, just ensure its 1/2 each time you do it.

Kevin: Oh, before it gets too physically hard to fold?

icheerful: yep.

Kevin: impressive…*

*After this conversation, I proceeded to the restroom where I took a good look in the mirror for signs of intelligence… unfortuately, despite my long academic service, there was none.

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  1. hmm… I think that’s tweaking the question to get the answer, I always remember it as being “you can’t fold a sheet of paper in half more than eight times” and a >sheet

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