Beat This: 18 year old elected as mayor in Michigan

Michael SessionsLike most Americans, I get my dose of current affairs from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Here’s proof in the pudding…

Who’s the new mayor of Hillsdale, Michigan?

An enthusiastic 18 year old high school senior, Michael Sessions. Once he’s sworn in, he’s set to be the youngest ever mayor in the entire United States.

Incredible isn’t it? While the job comes with no office, no chair, no filing cabinet — not even a drawer, the “$250 a month” mayor still gets to cast one of nine votes on the City Council. The best part though, was a newscast interview with him where he gleefully said, “From 7:50 to 2:30 I’m a student. From 3:00 to 6:00, I’m going to be out doing mayor stuff*”.

*ok, he didn’t exactly say that… just something like that.

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