iPod Media Studio: Fair use or simply piracy?

ipod media studio

Davis Freeberg alerted me to his interesting writeup on the latest incarnation to enter the political arena of digital media: The iPod Media Studio. (Nope, it’s not even from Apple!)

Released earlier this month, iPod Media Studio essentially allows users to backup movie DVDs to their computers, and convert them to go on their video iPods. While this doesn’t sound like anything new to some of you (e.g. users of iSquint and HandBrake), the way Makayama Interactive developed this application has it working in a way that goes around a legal loophole in the DMCA.

Quoting a Makayama spokesperson: “It’s legal to make personal copies, it is not legal to circumvent the encryption in a DVD or TiVo file. Our software does not touch the encryption keys on DVD, but captures video, displayed on screen by an authorized software DVD player such as PowerDVD or WinDVD, from the screen buffer to a file”.

Hmm, anyone familiar with DMCA enough to say anything to this?
If this sounds interesting to you, read the rest of Freeberg’s article.

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