TrendSpotting: War of the Sexy Bloggers (Part 2)

The 5th most powerful female blogger in the world

Looks like in the war of the roses, Wendy Cheng just emerged victorious. Love her or hate her, Xiaxue is now fifth in the Ten Most Powerful Women in Blogging.

Quoting LiberalCowboy, “Wendy Cheng ( has one of the largest internet followings for a twenty-something from Singapore. While none of our adult panelists even had ever heard of her, our teenage panelist all gave her number one votes to catapult her way into the middle of the top ten. If she ever decided to get into this on a more professional level she could rise to number one overnight.”

Here’s the Top Ten ranking:
1. Ana Marie Cox of Wonkette
2. Heather Armstrong of Dooce
3. Jen Chung of the Gothamist Empire
4. Xeni Jardin of BoingBoing
5. Wendy Cheng of Xiaxue
6. Elizabeth Spiers, formerly of Gawker Media
7. Jessica Coen of Gawker Media
8. Joi Ito of Technorati
9. Mena Trott of SixApart
10. Shai Coggins of B5Media

I know that most of you are ever so wonderous about how this ranking came to be, so here’s the ROTFL algorithms the judges used: “We want to thank Technorati, BlogShares, and Google for their help. We also wish to thank Jason, Nick, Paul, Darren, Jordon, Ben, Mena, Kottke, and Andrew for turning down our invitation to join our judges panel. It really made it easy to find some unbiased panelists that were affordable.”

Xiaxue is controversial, so while some consider her a bitch, she sells. This proves that you don’t always have to be right to win battles. I think women bloggers have the edge when it comes to being popular with their blogs. Women are more sensitive and attractive by nature. Guys who blog are so gay, including me.

Update: Joi Ito is not a woman despite being 8th on the list. I used to think Joi Ito was a lady’s name too, so I don’t blame the judges. Either he’s a man or one really ugly woman. Time for me to find an ambiguous name… like Gssq.

3 thoughts on “TrendSpotting: War of the Sexy Bloggers (Part 2)

  1. IZ: Well, you can either blame the judges or Joi Ito for having a feminine name! ­čśŤ
    The judges did consist of a bunch of unknown teenagers, but at least they used arbitrary tools such as technorati to rank the women. My instincts do tell me that they added Xiaxue in the middle when the other ladies might have actually gotten more inbound pageranked links on technorati. Even if the numbers don’t add up, I believe XX is that popular anyway ­čÖé

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