TrendSpotting: War of the Sexy Bloggers (Part 1)

War of the Sexy Bloggers

Why watch a movie about war when you see it happening right now in the blogosphere?

It started out as a post I wrote on Singapura asking who the hell is Dawn Yang. This person shot to fame after Xiaxue blogged about being inappropriately quoted on the local newspaper (remember to say “no comment” next time) when the journalist Jean Marie asked about Dawn. In any case, Dawn possesses both plentiful finances and the kind of looks to make your girlfriend feel uneasy. As Jean Marie’s newspaper story goes, Dawn was recently been selected to be groomed as the next local MTV VJ. The big deal about this story in the Singapore blogosphere was that journalist Jean Marie used the spin of Dawn being a blogger to sell the story. Mind you, the funny thing is that the word of the day in Singapore is “blog“, which raises eyebrows back home for being controversial in nature (plenty of people still don’t know what blogs really are).

To add fuel to the fire, Dawn was recently found to have plastic surgery, which wasn’t a problem in itself until bloggers felt discontent as she clearly denied it. To show you how this is getting out of hand… enter YvonneFoong, a Malaysian blogger (just cross the border). She adds a new face to the sexy blogger war and names Karen Siah as the “Winner of the Miss Blogger 2005 Award” for possessing both excellent writing skills and good looks. Yvonne proved that you can be beautiful, have brains and blog at the same time.

For the rest of us, Yvonne did one thing good… that is to reveal another way for bloggers to get an express ticket to blogdom: Getting a friend to give you a pseudo award.

P.S. Heck, now I wanna give myself an award also for wasting your time in reading this!

The article is sponsored by Penny’s Almond Coffee, a blogger who is sexier than she looks, smarter than you think and cooks better than your mum.

I got the weirdest sort of trackback today for this article. For some reason, a bad review of JarHead on InstaPundit ended up with a link to this article.

12 thoughts on “TrendSpotting: War of the Sexy Bloggers (Part 1)

  1. Man-o-man, this was bound to happen… entire blogs dedicated to the total annihilation of Dawn. She’s turning into a “poor thing” now. Anyway, if you wish to revel in her demise, check out made by one future plastic surgeon and a psychology major.

  2. Normally, I would volunteer, but I think that would take me out of the running, wouldn’t it? Maybe we could combine it with the edublog awards :).

    On the instapundit link, that happened to me once too. He fixed it though. I was “almost famous” because of it…

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