Evil web bots killing our server softly!

decepticondomLast night our web server looked as if it were under some kind of cyber attack. Obscure processes were running, causing the server to slow down until we had no choice but to reboot it. I feared for my precious blog, as well as blogs belonging to Penny and Singapura.

At first it looked like the massive Photo Gallery on Singapura was the cause, but Peter eventually determined that it was an external source causing the problem. After performing a reverse IP lookup, he discovered that an evil web bot, The Omni-Crawler, was sucking down the entire Singapura site… THAT’S NUTS! The gallery on Singapura has hundreds of megabytes of photos, which would explain why this was an exceptional problem when someone indiscriminately downloads everything on our site. Fortunately for us, the bot’s owner had instructions for blocking their web bot. Still, it sucks that someone else’s unethical practices became our responsibility.

Moral of the Story: When playing in cyberspace, always wear protection.

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