Using Online Banks for Better Deals

One thing I like about the United States is the crazy deals we get sometimes. When I got my free iPod mini from Citibank for opening an account last year, I knew that there’d be many more banking deals out there for the taking. Takchek put together his thoughts about some of the online banking offers out there, where even a regular savings account can yield you 4% APY (i.e. a 12-month CD goes up to about 4.2%). This is way more interest than what regular brick and mortar banks can provide. If you are resident in the US (with SSN and state ID/driver’s license) , he recommends considering online banking if you want your money to work for you risk-free, where at least up to $100,000 is FDIC insured per account. For the scoop, read Takchek’s blog post.

2 thoughts on “Using Online Banks for Better Deals

  1. An irony I observed since living in the States for many many moons, Americans are as kiasu as Singaporeans. Seen all the same behavior all over. The same commerical gimmicks work here too. Ahhh almost like home? Hahaha.

  2. “Kiasu” is a term invented by Singaporeans, but it’s a social phenomenon that appears everywhere. With greed and selfishness associated with it, I’ve seen Americans have their fair share of being Kiasu. At CompUSA during one of their special one-time sales event, I literally saw a lady push and shove her way to grab a cheap HP printer, to a point where a man was pushed over onto the ground!

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