Video: Koyono BlackCoat Review

Back in September, I mentioned how I liked the concept of the “BlackCoat T” and said that I would do a review if I got one. Well, someone obviously heard me and now I have not one, but two BlackCoat Ts (short and long sleeves). Jim Haviland, Chief Experience Officer at Koyono, sent me these BlackCoat T shirts for review in October. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you’d know that I like to do very visual reviews, either in the form of a photo spread or a downloadable video. For the BlackCoat T, a video review would be more appropriate since you have to see it in action.

In the following review, we try on the BlackCoat T (LS) with an iPod Photo and a Sony PSP. Both gadgets fitted well but I felt that I looked better when I had a something else over the BlackCoat, such as a button-down shirt or a light coat. It does feel weird at first since you feel the shirt tugging from the weight of the devices, but it’s forgettable once you realize that you don’t have to carry your gadgets in hands or attach them anywhere else. Words don’t do justice, so without further ado, I present to you a video review of Koyono’s BlackCoat T. (Flash version | iPod video version, 7.8mb)

Hat tip to Chris Barr for being my geek model.

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  1. I wear button-up shirts a lot; I think I might just have get one of these. They’re currently only $20 on the website, which isn’t a bad price for a good shirt not equipped with ninja geek pockets.

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