Eureka’s Optima Vacuum for household geeks

optima vacuum

Love doing household chores?
Nobody really does… that’s why we need cleaning tools that put the “fun” back into our daily routines. Penny and I wanted a vacuum cleaner for our carpeted floor. Judging by the amount of entertaining we do at our apartment, we needed one that was powerful, cheap and good looking (we roll like that!). After a careful selection process, we are down to the Eureka 431A Optima Lightweight Upright Vacuum. Not only does it looks geekfully pleasing, but it’s pretty well designed for real work too. Most people who used it say that it’s hard to roll around thick carpeted floors, but love the weight, portability and especially dig the telescopic round handle (like me). I like the vacuum’s bright green color as it gives a unique touch to an otherwise boring vacuum cleaner. Being in the lightweight category of vacuum cleaners, this one also boasts of the power of an upright, in a unit just half the weight!

But what was was the killer feature that got us?
The competitive price of $60.

4 thoughts on “Eureka’s Optima Vacuum for household geeks

  1. Bring yours over to my house for a demonstration please. I am sure I can find plenty of challenges for this little gadget. Hehehe..
    Btw… can you fix poh-piah huh? Cannot tahan the obsessive craving for poh-piah lately.

  2. Hey Maverickmerlion, thanks for stopping by. I saw your Frappr post on our little Singaporean Bloggers map. We live close enough for a visit, but maybe I’ll bring something else instead of a vacuum. According to my chef Penny, she says poh-piah can be tedious to make. If we have a potluck session featuring poh-piahs, I’ll try to call you over ­čśŤ

  3. Hey hey!! You so shiok one, have personal chef some more!!
    (I am rusty on my singlish)

    I’ll consider the invitation when received, definitely beats flying home (with 2 ankle biters) for a meal.
    An invitation is extended to you when you head West. Please bring your chef too.


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