Visual Recipes: Like Flickr for Food

Visual Recipes

Visual Recipes is a recipe web site with a difference… it features a community of cooking enthusiasts who share recipes with step by step pictures. You can search for something to cook for dinner or a light snack, find the needed ingredients, and follow the step-by-step instructions complete with pictures at every step. Makes cooking easily and more fun for even geeks like me!

As Penny recently took photos of her pizza making process, I told her it’d be perfect if she added that to Visual Recipes. This way people can get to know how to make her “Simple Pizza” and she could hopefully draw more people to her food blog. It’s simple to add your recipe, just follow these steps:

Step 1 – Create A Free Account
Step 2 – Upload up to 22 photos you took while preparing your recipe.
Step 3 – Write a caption for each photo describing what you are doing.

You can see how simple her Simple Pizza on Visual Recipes is.

Some observations:
We learnt that submitted recipes actually go through an editorial process first by the site owner before it gets published. There seemed to be no direct way for submitters to list their web address, so Penny had to add it in the comments on her own recipe submission. Traditionally, web designers tried to trap users on their own site with little outbound links. We’re living in a world of links now and depriving users the ability to link to their blogs or web sites destroys motivation based on ownership of ideas. Really hope Visual Recipes will fix that.

Looks like they just did. The Visual Recipe developer (didn’t get a name) promptly responded in the comments below and stated that they’ve added a new input field for submitters to add their web address. Hooray! I love how more developers are so responsive to us bloggers!

5 thoughts on “Visual Recipes: Like Flickr for Food

  1. Very interesting website, and useful. I’ve seen articles giving photos by steps in many forums before , but never a website focusing on this step-by-step method.
    ha, i took a look at the pizza “tutorial”, the photos really look nice and delicious… it’s dinner time now! i’m so hungry!…

  2. Thank your for your comment about direct linking. Our member’s usually add their links to the ingredient area using html tags. But we now realize this isn’t the best way and we will be adding an input field for the submitter’s website to make it much easier to link to your blog/website.

    Also, yesterday after seeing Penny’s comment on the bottom of the recipe page we added a link to her blog under her name in the ingredients area.

    Thank you again for bringing the linking issue to our attention, as we fully support giving all credit where credit is due. Look for the new input field whiten the next few days.

    – Visual Recipes

  3. Everytime a developer responds the way you do, it gives me more reason to continue blogging. I’m delighted by the speed which you responded and you’ll definately find me talking about Visual Recipes with my friends from now on.

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