How many Singaporean blogs are there?

Got this in the mail today…

Hi, my name is [xxx] and I work for a Hungarian weblog service company [zzz]. We are doing a joint research with [a university] about blogging, and I now search for the number of blogs in Singapore. Could you help me about where can I find some information about this topic? Thanks for your help.

To which I replied…

Hello, that’s quite an interesting question. I can’t give you an accurate number at the moment, unless I do some research in this area as well. However, blogger LancerLord has a blogroll with about 580 Singaporean blogs as of May 5th, 2005. This likely represents a fraction of the entire Singapore blogosphere.

Later today, I made three other counts of Singaporean blogs:
– MrWang recently wrote about Links Links, which shows a bigger blogroll of about 840 Singaporean blogs
– EducateWandie’s SG Bloglocator currently shows 193 blog location entries (as seen on the map)
– Technorati only showed 125 blogs profiles with the tag: Singapore (which is pretty sad!)

Does anyone have a better idea for measuring the present number of Singaporean blogs?

If not, then it’s time to do a Singaporean blogger headcount…
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4 thoughts on “How many Singaporean blogs are there?

  1. Wandie: That’s true for everything else in life too. Heraclitus, a Pre-Socratic philosopher, once said “You can never step into the same river twice

    Nothing we know about this world we live in is absolute truth. Early philosophers were looked upon as a waste of time since most people believed that we can never know everything there is to know within our lifetime. Still, we would not have reached the laws which govern our thinking today if not for something close to the truth. This is done by determining probabilities and accepting approximate truths, good enough for us to live by and build upon. Likewise in the field of communication, where I study the social science, nothing is ever still. That doesn’t deter us from determining how society, culture and technology works.

    Bottomline is that there has to be a place to start somewhere rather than to accept that man has no place for reason. Above all else, this is what gives man purpose… the goal to understand the big picture of life.

    Frankly speaking, this isn’t really impossible to do. The PEW Internet & American Life Project produces regular reports on the state of America on the Internet, including figures on the number of Americans who blog. Granted some of the results are “iffy”, but it’s a good head start. Singapore, being smaller, would be ideal for such a measure. I really hope to try to measure this in some way… perhaps to find something unique about us Singaporeans through blogs, in contrast to the rest of the world.

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