ClustrMaps: Makes Bloggers Happy!

Clustrmaps: Makes Bloggers Happy!

I don’t sense this blog getting a lot of visitors since I don’t think I get a lot of comments. If not for free traffic monitoring services, I wouldn’t have known otherwise. Since I can’t get enough of a good thing, enter ClustrMaps…

ClustrMaps (free version) gives you a nice geographical view of visitors to your blog. Seeing all the red clusters of visitors around the world suddenly makes me feel nice and warm inside. I’m prescribing this free service to the lonely bloggers out there.

Combined with my other tracking tools, I know that I am getting an increasing average of 500 visitors per day. However, I cannot account for the strange figure of only 30 readers subscribing to my Feedburner RSS feed. If I’m not wrong, my blog is way too diverse in terms of topics, so I tend to get a steady stream of Googlers visiting my blog instead of a regular subscriber to my feed.

With that, I think it’s time for me to ask what you prefer to read about on my blog. Let me know in the comments!

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