Our Law Librarian podcasts…

Over here at the University at Buffalo, the only academic-oriented bloggers I know are limited to a professor and some students in my informatics department, as well as over at the media studies program. So it was a pleasant surprise for me to learn that Jim Milles, the Associate Dean & Director of the Law Library, has started podcasting.

I find this really cool because I’m actually seeing people of other disciplines around me taking a stab at it. Anyone who can, should blog (text, audio, video, etc). After a brief listen, I think he’s got a good thing going. To answer the question of how blogs, podcasting and videocasting fit in a academic setting, I believe that should stop wondering and start doing. You’ll never know till you try!

Here’s what Jim has to say about his podcast:
“I’ve just posted Episode 002 of my podcast, “Check This Out!”, a weekly podcast on things related to law and libraries. You can subscribe through iTunes, PodcastAlley, PodFeed.net, or your favorite podcast directory, or through the podcast website. I would be very interested in any feedback. Thanks!”

Check it out and send him your comments.