Where Singaporeans blog in America

Inspired by an earlier article on mapping the blogosphere, I’ve set up a Frappr group just for us Singaporean bloggers living in the United States. With this, we could visit Singaporeans in our travels, organize blogger meetups or simply to keep track of how everyone’s doing in case of emergencies!

Before you do anything, “Add Yourself” now by clicking the button below.

While you’re at it, advertise your blog by putting down your blog URL and a little background on yourself. Also, feel free to add this button to your blog and help get the word out.

Check out our Frappr!

Bloggers who have added themselves:
From a Singapore Angle – Huichieh Loy
e pur si muove – Elia Diodati
everything in its own time – two olandario

Wandie, maker of the Singapore Bloglocator, just posted a blurb about our Frappr SG Bloggers map.

2 thoughts on “Where Singaporeans blog in America

  1. You should… if Frappr doesn’t cover that region of the world, see if something else does. Frappr’s really buggy, but there’s really not much to choose from.

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