Top 10 things to yell out when watching DOOM (movie)


Top 10 Things To Yell Out During DOOM, The Movie (written by A Boy and His Computer):

10. How do I bring up the console?
9. Teh Rock is a n00b.
8. Dude, that hurt. The health is behind the crate!
7. Team kill!
6. This new engine rules.
5. Crap map.
4. This AI is so fucking lame.
3. (as the credits roll) That last boss sucked.
2. Fucking camper fags!
1. Shit, how do I skip this cut scene? This fucking sucks, it’s been going on for like 30 minutes.

Here’s mine: “Use GOD MODE dummy!!”

3 thoughts on “Top 10 things to yell out when watching DOOM (movie)

  1. HAHAHhahA – the Rock was such a n00b…. awesome Top 10 list! most of which were screaming through my mind throughout the movie. I am sure anyone could do better if we could plug in our consoles.


  2. lol, fantastic. haven’t seen it yet, believe it or not, Dave didn’t make the immediate connected btwn game and movie. duh.

  3. Sarah: Dave must be a good boy not to have played video games enough to know. I haven’t seen a lot of sci-fi movies… Serenity and Doom. Gotta make time to watch. Been watching imaginary movies for some reason, like Millions and Big Fish.

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