theorycast.02 :: First ODEO recording on Hacking FrontRow

My Odeo ChannelI just received an email from the guys at ODEO about a little surprise they are giving to those of us who signed up before today (that’s me!). Apparently our ODEO accounts have been upgraded and now we have access to the ODEO “Create” section of their site, which has their flash-based audio recorder for making instant podcasts. You heard me right… what did for blogs, Odeo is trying to do for podcasts. Granted already made this possible some time ago, but hey, Odeo is FREE! Everyone can use it (ok, just those who signed up early enough). Thank goodness they did that otherwise they would have been forgotten amidst all the new Web 2.0 services.

theorycast2 hacking frontrowAnyhow, I tried recording this blog post as my first podcast recording on ODEO and the result was “interesting”. Now I understand why a good broadband connection was required… if you listen to the podcast, you’ll see why. It skips, it breaks up, it needs more bandwidth… but it simply works off the web browser and any computer with a mic. In fact, it’s like recording straight to web!

One gripe I have is that I can’t place their wonderful flash player on my blog to let readers instantly play it back… instead readers have to go via a link to it, or to subscribe to my ODEO channel rss feed. Alternatively, they also provide an MP3 of the podcast which I am able to link here. Linking directly to an MP3 audio file on WordPress automatically encloses it into your blog’s RSS2.0 feed, so readers of you blog can choose to automatically download the mp3 of the podcast, without the need to go elsewhere.

On my podcast, I talked about hacking Front Row for Mac and while you could listen to it in my latest podcast (it’s limited to 3 minutes so I was cut off), here’s the gist of it:

According to the The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW), a very delighted reader submitted a video of Front Row running on his Mac mini. Not only that, he even managed to get it to remotely work with his bluetooth phone (substituting Apple’s Remote). Another user posted a Flickr photoset of his similar success (stole one photo as seen above). For those of you not in tune with Apple developments, Front Row is sorta like Microsoft’s Media Center, except it’s slick and minimal (in other words, very Apple!). As I said before, these companies always try to create new channels or limit technology in order to further their profit margins, which explains why Front Row was shipped and designed only to work with the latest iMac G5. Well, thanks to the power of the internet, individuals have collectively figured out how to make it run on almost any other Mac. Everything you need to get going is on this blog.

2 thoughts on “theorycast.02 :: First ODEO recording on Hacking FrontRow

  1. I think your problem is you clicked off and left the flash recorder window in the background. When you do that it has a hard time keeping up. Please try and keep it in the foreground and you shouldn’t have those audio quality issues.

    And, yeah we are planning on adding a post to your blog feature, just one thing at a time.


  2. Rabble, thanks for bearing with me. That’s something that the Odeo staff keeps reminding us. I’m impressed Odeo’s actually going to allow for posting to blog. That’ll really give a run for their money!

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