Plug-in before it’s too late…

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Finding a comfy place with a power outlet (damn those crummy laptop batteries) is always a challenge. Today I found one such location in my campus library, so here I am getting ready to do my literature writeup when I decided to play catchup with my RSS feeds. Before I knew it, a girl came by and sat down right in front of me as she eyed the power outlet I intended to use. Swiftly as she came, she plugged in her HP laptop to the only outlet left on the floor. With about 10min of battery life left after exhausting 3hrs somewhere else, I realized that I’ve just lost my place. Argh… remember to plug-in first before it’s too late!

5 thoughts on “Plug-in before it’s too late…

  1. What’s this blog. I didn’t sign up for no “Will blog for comments…” blog. Oh, wait. You rebranded!

    Funny, this was one of two titles I had picked out for the paper I’m working on. I guess it will have to be the other one!

  2. In a bad german scientist accent:
    “I waz expezimentingz withz zhe blogz titlez renamingz az a formz of blog pozting. Don’t youz knowz? Thez mezdium iz zhe mazzage!”

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