Flock is here… the killer web browser for bloggers!

Get your developer preview edition from Flock.com

Here’s my short review of Flock after trying it out on several computers (Mac & Windows). Note that I have to be open-minded about it since it’s effectively still beta. On the whole, I love the integration of del.icio.us, flickr, and ability to quickly work with images and web services straight with my blog within Flock. I literally drag and drop images and links from any site into my blog post and away I go publishing it… it’s convenient. The idea of setting it to have no local bookmarks and instead have everything saved on del.icio.us instead is very powerful. If you don’t mind the lack of privacy (perhaps future versions let you set public or private modes), this means that any browser on any computer you use will be able to grab whatever bookmarks you have (since it’s on your del.icio.us account). That said, I hope to see Flock grow.

Here’s a better review of Flocks capabilities.

2 thoughts on “Flock is here… the killer web browser for bloggers!

  1. lmao, i got my invite a few days ago, but other than just test driving and giving them suggestions, i am afraid i don’t know the technicalities behind it and may not be able to offer them much. hopefully they don’t mind such test drivers…

    and uh.. yer, i just realised safari has tabs, right after you said it. i will probably figure out more of it at some point later on ­čÖé thanks for telling me tho ­čśŤ

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