Attack of the Splogs (aka Spam Blogs)


A few weeks ago I was complaining about blog spam yet again and now it looks like I’m no longer the only one bringing this back up! What’s fueling the increasing amount of spam we’re getting is the rising number of spam blogs (or Splogs) out there. Yes, blogs created for the soul purpose of imitating real blogs, but for the evil intent of directing links to specific “promotional” web sites so as to improve their google ranking. I think of them as evil blog clones and the battle against splogs has only now begun.

What’s interesting is that web honchos, like Chris Pirillo, discovered that the bulk of the spam he’s getting come from splogs that exist on, Google’s very own blogging service! Spammers have been taking advantage of the free signup and using newly created blogs as link farms. Just watch this screencast (video) of Chris proving this. As a result, he’s asking for Google to kill BlogSpot already. I know it’s a little over the top, but it’s really for publicity and Google reps caught on by saying that they’ll try to fix it.

SplogSpot capcha There’s no way we’ll ever see the end of blog spam nor spam blogs (confusing enough for you?). An intermediary solution: SplogSpot – The first submission and search service that keeps track of spam blogs. Blacklisting troublesome blogs may be a good idea, but might also be bad if someone actually adds your blog to the splog list. Anyway, I find the SplogSpot too funny to pass up… why? Just try submitting a splog on the site and try verifying their CAPCHA system to see what I mean.

The best way to combat spam?

While it’s hard for us to take down spammers themselves, the next best thing is really to make your blog spam-free. It’s not just a duty for yourself, but for your entire blogosphere (or Internet for that matter!). The more we stop spammers from selling their goods on our sites, the less they make in the end. Kill abandoned blogs that you own to prevent them from becoming infested and zombified into new ant link farms. Install anti-spam measures on your blog such as Spam Karma. That’s all for today folks… leave your thoughts in the comments if you have any other suggestions.