Halo 3 confirmed w/ leaked video?

Halo 3 confirmed

Yesterday’s big news in the geek world was that Quake 4 had been leaked. Amongst all that chatter, I heard more rumors about Halo 3 being in development, and yet another where there’s no development at all.

A recap by Xbox 360 News reminds us that in an interview with Time magazine in May Bill Gates said, “It’s perfect… The day Sony launches [the new PlayStation 3], and they walk right into Halo 3.” Adding to that, MS Corporate VP Peter Moore recently said “Bungie is busy. The boys are busy.” in an interview with Game Informer when asked about Halo 3. At least we know the game is well into development.

Just today, I received news about a mysterious short cinematic depicting the Master Chief walking carefully through a typical sci-fi corridor. This video has been making rounds, prompting many to excitedly suggest it’s the first footage from Halo 3.

While this video is more detailed than any of the scenes from Halo 2, we still don’t know if this was a cut from a deleted Halo 2 scene. It is possible that we’re looking at a rendered scene from the Xbox 360 engine, which would account for the impressive (real-time?) lighting effects in this short clip. Another popular theory suggests it’s a sequence from Dead or Alive 4 after recent confirmation that a female Spartan would feature in Tecmo’s forthcoming Xbox 360 beat-em-up.

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  1. hey u guys shuoldnt worry about halo 2 or 3 for the computer u should just buy an xbox 360 that way u know u have the game when it first comes out. i have also talked to many people who switched form computer games that are first person shooter and they say that after playing on the xbox and xbox 360 that they will never play another computer first person shooter if its on a gaming console also.

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