Oct 19th: Powerbooks with built-in iSight & more

Powerbook Video Camera

Caught by a Wired writer, here’s a strange little titbit that hasn’t appeared on the usual Mac rumor sites yet. Victor Agreda, Jr. , who runs The Unofficial Apple Weblog, left blog comments predicting Apple’s announcement in New York on Oct 19th. This reminds me of the recently discovered patent Apple made regarding Powerbooks with built-in cameras. Take this with a grain of salt:

Comment from: Victor Agreda, Jr. [Visitor] · http://www.tuaw.com
HA! I successfully predicted the video iPod. And my prediction for tomorrow’s announcements: Pentium M PowerBooks.

Just kidding.

The PowerBooks will get iSights, as will Apple LCD monitors. We’ll see a sort of iPhoto Pro, but mostly it’ll be a cataloging tool with great RAW support.

Also some other software surprises, and of course, the updates to the G5 towers (dual core dualies, yeah baby!).

You heard it here first for some reason.
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  1. Thanks Yush! So far, Apple’s released higher resolution HD powerbooks (no built-in iSight though), faster G5 PowerMacs and an interesting Pro-photographer application called Aperture.

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