Video iPods after all!

Video iPodCat’s out of the bag… via, Apple finally did release new Video iPods. The new iPod supports MPEG4 and h.264 video formats and features a slightly wider screen design to accommodate the video playback. These are the specs:

2.5 inch screen
260,000 colors
MPEG4, h.264 Video Support
Video Out to TV
Holds over 150 hrs of video

30GB costs $299
60GB costs $399

Alongside the new iPod is iTunes 6 – which updates many features in the iTunes Music Store and also adds video sales. Apple is offering over 2000 music videos for sale ($1.99 each) and has partnered with television studios to be able to offer online TV Episode sales.

The press release also details over 2000 Music Videos, Pixar Short Films and hit TV shows available through iTunes. Videos are $1.99 a piece. Past and current episodes are available of popular shows including Lost and Desperate Housewives. Pixar shorts: Boundin’, Geri’s Game, Luxo Jr. and more are available as well. iTunes 6 required and is available for download.

Interesting finds:
Peter and I discovered that the new Quicktime 7.0.3 (Pro edition) allows you to export video to iPod. I also believe that there will be auto-syncing of videoblogs just as how we do with podcasts now. The Apple Remote for the new iMac G5 (w/ built-in iSight) seems to be exactly the same as the dock remote for the new Video iPods. Peter found out that the Video iPods don’t even have Firewire as an optional accessory… be wary of slow USB2 transfer speeds!

Update: You can now watch Steve’s Video iPod presentation (Quicktime Streaming Video).