Want more Battlestar Galactica?

BSGHere in the U.S., the first half of season two for Battlestar Galactica ended with the second half returning only early next year. Never have I witnessed a sci-fi series which drew such a large and diverse fanbase, so it’s only fitting that there’s a slick freebie online to tide us over till the series returns. “Battlestar Galactica: The Series Lowdown” is TV.com’s exclusive presentation of BSG, which also features BSG’s 1st season DVD’s bonus material free online. Watch deleted scenes, view artwork and check out behind-the-scenes featurettes… all in their entirety! I only wished the videos were in Quicktime rather than Windows Media format!

BTW: There’s a Battlestar Galatica Flickr group you can join. Check out what the BSG cast look like in real life, including Grace Park in her own Maxim shoot!