Panera Bread opens in Buffalo

Panera Bread opens in BuffaloPanera Bread opens in Buffalo

Lo Behold, besides Atlanta Bakery with its spread of bread, pastry, pasta, soups and free WIFI, here comes Panera Bread which is almost the same, but closer to most of us living near UB North Campus! The spread looks just as good if not better, however Panera Bread sadly lacks in dessert cakes and more complete meals like pasta which Atlanta serves. You can check out their menu online (PDF). Still, free wifi is a good draw and with its selection of ice-blended coffees, you’ll be sure to find me there sipping their Honeydew Green Tea blended drink.

Panera Bread
1593 Niagara Falls Boulevard
Amherst, NY 14226 (map it!)
Tel: (716) 836-6818
Fax: (716) 836-6828

2 thoughts on “Panera Bread opens in Buffalo

  1. I LOVE panera bread. Absolutely fantastic food. But, the web access is filtered. But, it’s fairly easy to get around it since it’s not port-restricted.
    The way that this port filtering is done is actually pretty interesitng. They don’t force you to use a proxy or even send one by default. They intercept any HTTP requests (on any port) and read the Host: header, if the host matches something in a blocklist the request is also blocked. This means that any unencrypted proxy requests also get blocked.
    Fortunately, it’s much better and safer to run a proxy over a SSH tunnel.
    But, that’s basiclly besides the point. Panera bread’s food is kick-ass.

  2. For a minute there I thought your comment was a new breed of spam, but thank goodness you meant the network acccess through Panera’s free wifi. So are you saying that they block access to certain sites? I wonder why it would be in their interest to do that?

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