4Gb hard drive for Sony PSP?


The Sony PSP is such a powerful audio visual device that it’s a shame we can’t do more with it. We’re stuck with tiny yet expensive memory stick duos with 1 to 2gb storage space which isn’t much by today’s standards. It’s obviously a move by Sony to encourage users to purchase their movie UMDs, instead of allowing users store movies on their own.

On 20th October, this might all well change. A UK-based online retailer called DarkPlanets spilled the beans that they were going to sell this groundbreaking product. Apparently Datel is releasing a hybrid storage and battery module for the Sony PSP. To be exact, that’s Datel’s double life X2 battery and 4GB of storage combined! You’ll also get Datel’s “Get Connected” Media Cable and the media software.

Datel 4GB PSP Hard Drive – Features:
* 4Gb of HDD storage
* 3600mh X2 battery power
* Max media get connected cable and software

It’s at an estimated price of US$265 (£149.99), which is pretty decent.

While I’ve been waiting for something like that for a long time, I still have to wonder… If you take a good look at the image above, you’ll see that the battery and memory are in one module. If that’s all to it, how does power go from that memory stick duo side (left of PSP) all the way to the battery compartment on the right side? Is this for real?

UPDATE: It might be true… despite the hype, it could actually be a bundle consisting of the 4gb HDD (probably flash media) and a seperate X2 battery, not a two in one which was earlier thought.

UPDATE 2: I was RIGHT! See this new product shot at Lik-Sang.

4 thoughts on “4Gb hard drive for Sony PSP?

  1. apparantly you get the battery which is combined with the hdd this is then connected with a cable to the memory slot ..be great if it works

  2. Mark: You know I thought that too at first, but I think the marketing material is misleading. I believe the bundle includes a seperate battery and 4gb flash media because it’s neater and less clumbersome that way. That’s my assessment based on the picture above.

  3. I wished it were better, but I think it kinda sucks… the 4gb media attaches through a dangling cable… don’t know how I’ll be holding the PSP with so much crap hanging around.

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