Identity 2.0 : making online ID work

Dick HardtEven if you don’t care for geek talk, you’ve gotta watch this… simply the BEST presentation I’ve seen to date. As Alex puts it, there’s absolutely no bullet points! Even Lawrence Lessig thinks he’s brilliant!

Just as you’ve come to terms with Web 2.0, get ready for Identity 2.0 It’s essentially building off the same open-source notion of web services and changes the paradigm of online identity. The goal is to make online ID as transparent as real-world ID (like your driver’s license as a universal ID).

Dick Hardt is the CEO of Sxip Identity and he’s one hell of a presenter/showman. It’s a fun presentation with lots of good stuff to learn about… definitely a great overview of the technologies involved with identity on the Internet. Since I can’t explain it as well, here’s the blurb from Dick’s “Identity 2.0” presentation at OSCON, O’Reilly’s Open Source Convention:

As the online world moves towards Web 2.0, the concept of digital identity is evolving, and existing identity systems are falling behind. New systems are emerging that place identity in the hands of users instead of directories. Simple, secure and open, these systems will provide the scalable, user-centric mechanism for authenticating and managing real-world identities online, enabling truly distinct and portable Internet identities.

Dick Hardt run the Identity 2.0 blog and you can watch him in action via Flash, Quicktime and Windows Media over here.

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  1. Great presentation! Sure beats any other bullet ridden PPT. Is it me or is his name very porno sounding too ­čÖé

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