Hinokio: inter galactic love (movie)


Check out the trailer of a relatively new movie in Japan called Hinokio

Hinokio sounds like Pinocchio, so perhaps there’s some kind of literary reference here. I saw the trailer and immediately felt that this was right up my alley (emotional technology). How should I sum up this film? “A disabled boy and his kawaii robot proxy teaches us the dangers of telepresence!” — No, that’s not right… this won’t do justice to the seamless beauty of this sensitive film. So instead, here’s the synopsis and background of the film by Felix Cheung:

< Synopsis ???? >
Shocked by his mother’s death from the abrupt accident, Iwamoto Satoru refused to go into rehabilitation and therefore began his life on the wheelchair. Several years later, in order to avoid attending school physically, he began operating a robot remotely from home to go to school in place of him. The robot named “Hinokio”, which went to school for a year, was developed by Satoru’s father and could be controlled from his bedroom. The story is about “Hinokio” and how it tries to communicate with the people around him.

< Features ???? >
In this movie, the robot is used to represent a boy who begins school, goes to school, and get in touch with his friends, and ultimately meeting a girl who is just as alone. The story describes the warmth between one and other and takes us on a journey of discovering our inner self. Takahiko Akiyama, who is responsible for the directing, original concept, and script of the movie, is well-known for his supervision on the visual effects for numerous movies such as “Kappa”, “ACRI”, and” Final Fantasy”‘.

Since the film was release in Japan on July 2005, does anyone know how I can watch it here in America?

P.S. Here’s the other trailer which shows more scenes.

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  3. Hi, I think you can pre-order the movie here. I watched this movie on a plane from Asia to the UK. It is really astounding.

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