Are you getting tons of comment spam?

Spam Problem

In a bid to stop the torrent of comment spam from relentlessly hitting my blog (and yours too I bet), I entered the spammer’s IP address into the WordPress blacklist, hoping to see him/her deleted off the face of this earth without the need for moderation. I guess my idea of security backfired when I realize ANY comment left behind would also be blacklisted (thus deleted without my knowledge). Guess WordPress blacklists only works with keywords and not IP addresses.

I used to employ the Capcha anti-spam system on WordPress, but stopped using it since it was more of a hindrence on the end-users… a price they shouldn’t be paying. It’s amazing that spam is, till today, still a major issue for most WordPress users.

Can anyone recommend a decent WordPress anti-spam plugin?

UPDATE: Tried Bad Behavior: spam still got through. Tried Spam Karma 2: spam got caught! But that’s not all… Spam Karma 2 is incredibly advanced with all kinds of spam filters which you can tune to your delight. If there’s only one anti-spam plugin you need, get Spam Karma 2!

10 thoughts on “Are you getting tons of comment spam?

  1. Ah, the beauty of legacy systems… being a completely different animal does make it harder for anyone to exploit (just like Macs!)

  2. dear kevin,

    personally, i am not a big fan of wp comments. i love wp, the commenting system sounds bothersome to me.

    i use haloscan and they work nice so far. and i haven’t gotten spam yet but i can probably test out the ip block thing for you if you are interested.

  3. Hi Panda, thanks but I think I got it under control now thanks to Spam Karma 2. As we speak, it’s gobbled up 346 spam comments and there’s even a neat little counter I placed on the bottomt of the recent comments sidebar to show how it’s doing. BTW, I love cats too! 😛

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