Bungie’s Big Announcement: Halo vs. DOA

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So if you’ve been keeping up with Halo developments, you would have read a hint on Bungie.net about a major announcement this week. Turns out it was a nifty surprise: A mysterious Halo character will make an appearance on Team Ninja’s upcoming “Dead or Alive 4”. This is what Bungie said:

“Bungie has indeed been chatting with the good folks over at Team Ninja. We’re huge fans of DOA and Ninja Gaiden, and when Team Ninja approached us with an intriguing idea, well, we were intrigued. Naturally. Tomonobu Itagaki’s team is among the most talented in the games business, and we’ve SEEN the character in action. Words like, OMG, BBQ and Zoinks immediately come to mind. What they’ve done so far, is perfectly capture the essence of (insert crackpot theory here) and bring an element of Halo directly into the DOA world. It’s cool. And by cool, I mean totally sweet.”

Now even though neither Bungie nor Team Ninja was going to reveal which character this was, I’m already hedging my bets on Cortana. It’s not hard guessing actually, since being the only major female character (Team Ninja’s about sexed up fighters anyway) in the Halo universe, Cortana fits the bill. Heck if you looked at the end of Bungie’s annoucement, the hint was literally bouncing in your face anyway.

This news might be a disappointment to many, since most of us were expecting Halo 3, or heck even a Halo 2.5. Fear not, for the rumor mill continues to churn as one of the biggest rumors to date is the revelation on Halo 3.

As reported by Kotaku, a TeamXbox forum poster claims that Halo 3 will come on two discs. The first disc will be home to a single player mission twice the size of the first two games put together. The second disc will have a much more detailed and customizable multiplayer game. As if this weren’t enough, the poster also included a 118-page PDF file that he claims to be the full story for the game, oddly called Draft 4. Unfortunately, the Halo 3 Campaign Story on the Team Xbox site has since been closed/deleted.

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  1. Sorry to break it to you, but if a female spartan is in DOA4, then it is most likely the Spartan kelly, a female. Read the books. Hell even the movie is supposed to have Kelly, Will and Fred in it, amognst the other 20 some-odd Spartans cz it follows the 1st book and the 1st game. Read the books before you assume based on the games.

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