“Using Blogs & Wikis in Education” Workshop

Blogs & wikis for education

UPDATE: We had problems doing the screencast (inherent factors of doing this for the 1st time), but Alex put up an audio recording of his presentation. Listen to this mp3 while you browse through his presentation slides (PDF)

Dr. Alex Halavais talks about using Blogs and Wikis in an academic setting. This is great stuff if you’re in the education domain and wish to deploy blogging or wiki systems in your class or even schoolwide. Alex shares his experience on blogging with students and covers some technical but more social aspects of blogging academically. This workshop is currently running at ETC where I work, so I’ve managed to setup a screen recording of his presentation via Camtasia. If everything works out, I should be able to put this video up for download by the end of the day. It’s 2hr long so I’ll have to figure out where to legally store this. For now, Dr. Halavais’ presentation is available as a PDF download via his blog.

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  1. Blog and Wikis is a great tools for educations in web 2.0 era like now. Teacher will more easy when they teach and student can learn from anywhere ALA they have an internet connection

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