Useful collaborative work spaces

JotSpot Live

Otterman just blogged about how he uses SubEthaEdit with another mac user to collaborate on the tedious task of taking minutes during a meeting. This fascinating and powerful tool for Mac OS X users runs on Rendezvous. He noted that users don’t need an intenet connection, just another mac user in the room. Simply put, it easily allow you to share a document and while user type away, the changes appear in real time. It’s like a spontaneous wiki.

As Dr. Halavais noted long ago, it’s Mac only. Not to be outdone, Otterman noted that PC users now have something close to SubEthaEdit called Gobby. It’s a free collaborative editor that also runs on Microsoft Windows, Linux and other Unix-like platforms. He adds that it’s not as great as SubEthaEdit, but its a start.

JotSpot Live Screenshot

Over at the Download Squad today, I found JotSpot Live. From the makers of the JotSpot wiki service, JotSpot Live is a real-time collaborative note-taking environment. Think of it as SubEthaEdit or Gobby for the web, or Writely for note-taking. You can see the changes others are making in real-time, and drag-and-drop sections to rearrange them. As the Download Squad noted, the free version is limited as you only get to create 5 pages per month. You get 15 pages per month for $5, or unlimited pages for $20.

Aside: At the rate of cool web services being introduced, we’ll soon have no need for software on our computers… just a web browser. Already an entire Office suite is available for use online… just check out ThinkFree Office 3.