Axel Brun: Raw notes from ProdUser workshop

Axel Bruns @ UB

Met Axel Bruns from the University of Queensland. Sorry was so busy I couldn’t do a videocast of it. Here are some raw notes which I doubt will be useful to anyone since it was a pretty abstract discussion we had about the producer/consumer process chain. Anyhow, the notes are after the jump…

Model of Consumption doesn’t work anymore in electronic sense

Audience implies unbalanced relationship

Online, we are users, we engaged to it and even produce new

Producer/User of content at the same time

Enter produser
For the user by the user
Collaborate, Collate and Discuss

Prosumer – professional consumer
They are end users, end of consumption chain

Pro-am – amateurs who work with professionals

You can speak but it doesn’t mean you will be heard

New forms of production = new forms of content?

What is it that makes it successful?
How does it organize itself? E.g. Slashdot
Some spent millions but only 12 entries

Kuroshin, Plastic

CCmixer: Collaborative music making

Selling bottled water, you actually buying the bottle (package sells)

RSS repackaging
90% of the sims produced by users themselves
Should maxis charge for it then?

Trains users produced over 2,000 assets

Who owns content?
Who is responsible for content? Libel?
If going commercial, who get money?
What forms of creativity are possible? Weaving a story?
Legal issues and IP?

Problems with Classroom and Collaborative environments like wikis?

Deliberative democracy

Stickley furniture
Is it really production or customizer?

Value: selling and not giving it away?

When does a consumer become a produser?

Data or software?
We’re stuck in data mode
But we’re not creating new programs or software.

Motivation is Self-help
Preassumes you need to fix yourself

Pledge if 5 others do it

Blogging shares intellectual energy
System being conduit
Data and stuff being carried

Produser: Closure to production (accessibility)

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