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When I ran my blog workshop last Friday for my friends, I knew I had to go through the usual technical aspects of identifying key components of a blog (blog posts, permalinks, comments, trackbacks, rss feeds, etc), setting up of a blog, as well as some key HTML tips such as hyperlinking and displaying images. However, I find that it would only make more sense if I saved that for later and instead focused on the softer, social aspects of blogging where I attempted to answer harder questions as to why people blog (good for persuading people to blog), how A-list bloggers write differently for blogs, as well as the bloggers’ etiquette which included verifying and crediting sources.

With the above mentioned in mind, I started the blog workshop with a description of our state of the world wide web, noting that the Internet redefines itself every time someone comes up with a new service that adds, improves, or even disrupts existing ones. With the advent of blogs, RSS feeds, AJAX-powered services such as Gmail, we live in an era where the web no is longer only about static presentations and web surfing, but of social interaction, especially for producing collaborative content. In other words, the web has turned from read only to read & write web. This new web environment is known as Web 2.0 and this is a buzz word you’re going to hear quite a lot. To illustrate the concept of Web 2.0 better, here’s Tim O’Reilly’s “Web 2.0 Meme Map“.

This was the result of a “What is Web 2.0?” brainstorming session at FOO Camp 2005 and it roughly showcases the services ecology of web 2.0. Likewise, it’s useful to know the origin of the term (via Wikipedia: Web 2.0):

The term was coined by Dale Dougherty of O’Reilly Media brainstorming with Craig Cline of MediaLive to develop ideas for a conference that they could jointly host. Dougherty suggested that the web was in a renaissance, with changing rules and evolving business models. Dougherty gave examples — “DoubleClick was Web 1.0; Google AdSense is Web 2.0. Ofoto is Web 1.0; Flickr is Web 2.0.” — rather than definitions, and recruited John Battelle for a business perspective, and O’Reilly Media, Battelle, and MediaLive launched the first Web 2.0 Conference in October 2004. The second annual conference will be held in October 2005.

All said and done, I shared with my friends Piaras Kelly’s 12 tips on writing content for your blog before diving into the how-tos for blogging and flickr-ing. Also touched on RSS feeds, podcasting and videocasting.

Do share with me whatever else you feel is important when introducing the world of blogging to the uninitiated.

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Coming soon: Reviews of Axel Brun’s “Produser Workshop” this Wednesday at the North Campus, Center for the Arts.

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  1. Web 2.0? That sure does make sense, now that I think about it. The web is no longer about just mere websites, there’s all the intereraction that can take place. All the services online are now gaining more and more heavy usage. This is the age that we will soon spend a larger portion of our shopping lives buying online?

    Very useful tips, thanks for sharing the link!

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