Kevin Sez: Read Haro Singapore!

Like Elia Diodati, I don’t have time to write colorful blog posts everyday… there’s also just no way I can compete with those who blog a gazillion times a day. With that, I remind myself that blogging isn’t a competition and there are no prizes nor a finish line…. it’s a long, sometimes lonely journey. If someone does come along to leave a nice comment, consider that a bonus. So since there are no real rules to blogging, short posts work for me. You’ll never know when you’ll strike a chord with someone (e.g. a romantic librarian) even with a tidbit you quickly posted right before bedtime.

With that I go back to what the point of this post… to recommend reading Halo Singapore! Why?

If you’re looking for a shining example that showcases the ideal reasons to blog, Haro Singapore talks about things from an eye-witness level, maintains a conversational tone in writing, and best of all is unique in content since it talks about the quirky, unseen side of Singapore.

Contrast that to my blog, where I can go anywhere from a Mac guru, to an informatics researcher wannabe, to a politically-incorrect Singaporean. I believe that the lack of focus on my blog is a bad bad thing since everyone LOVE blogs to be well-designed, organized and purpose-oriented so it’s easy for them to read.

Anyhow, before I digress even further into the depths of thought, go read Halo Singapore! where his latest discoveries include flooding at Wista Atria and FaLunGong sightings in Singapore.