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Tonight I’ll be facilitating my first open blogging workshop (simply called BlogWorkShop01) with Singaporeans over here in Buffalo. It’ll be at 8pm at my Triads apartment. While response has been positive (having gotten enough RSVPs), I will have to be careful how I teach it. People new to blogs may be technically proficient such as when setting up blogs, uploading images, and linking, but I feel lack strong footing in the fundamental areas of blogging, such as why we blog, writing for blogs and blog etiquette (trackbacks, crediting sources).

As attendees will be coming with different levels of blogging experience, I worry about satisfying people’s expectations. In any case, I plan to cover the following:

Blogging Workshop (2hr power session)
– State of the Web (Talk about the social state of internet: Web 2.0)
– Why blog? (motivations)

– What’s a blog?
— Setting up a blog (Blogspot or WordPress?)
— Linking web sites, text & images (basic HTML)
— Writing effectively on blogs (Being attractive & succinct)

– Flickr (social photography)
— Setting up Flickr
— Uploading methods
— Tagging (What, Why, How)
— Linking images to blogs

Given enough time:
– Reading hundreds of web sites no time (RSS feeds)
– Listening to Podcasts (iTunes makes it easy)

There’s too much to talk about. For now, I recommend reading about blogs and what makes them unique from

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