Coming Soon: Singapore Iron Chef video spoof

Making of SG Iron Chef

Over at the Singapura blog, we finished production for our Singaporean version of the Iron Chef this weekend and will be editing it down to something more palatable for our humorous internet audience. A lot of us here in Buffalo are fans of the Food Network, especially the Iron Chef TV series (original Japanese version rocks!). It’s only fitting that Nelson and I planned for a spoof of this magnitude, which I’m sure if successful (pending your comments on the final product), will continue on as a series with other personalities such as student “chefs” from Singapore vs. Malaysia, vs. Thailand. Aside from our busy academic life, we find these projects as a great way to have fun and enjoy great food. Hopefully we can release the Singapore Iron Chef video by this coming weekend. In the mean time, enjoy a sneak peek into our production photos.

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