Very Pun-ny Geek Conversation

Spotted this on Billy Teo’s LiveJournal… I knew him as a journalist on Computer Times back in the hey days. Billy composes a medley of pun-filled conversations:

Mr Lye Narks:Have you heard? Apple’s Tiger operating system just went on sale and has the spotlight. Looks like the cat’s out of the bag. How’s Microsoft’s Long-Drawn?

Mr Unix-ly Singapore: It’s Longhorn, by the way, and it’s coming out fine. In fact, the LongHorn beta came out way before Apple revealed the Tiger Show. Ha! People will long for Longhorn in 2006.

Mr Lye Narks: So, it’ll be NeXT year eh? It might be Long-Gone by the time 2006 comes around.

Mr Unix-ly Singapore: I’ll bet on 2006 bringing Windows of opportunity for Microsoft. But I suppose Apple might do well in Macintosh and Tiger sales too.

Mr Lye Narks: Well, that’s the first PC statement from you in a long while. Guess you can’t deny that Apple’s got the OS X-factor!

But that’s not all… check out what JuJuman left in his comments:

jujuman 2005-05-03 17:53 (link)
Wow, I hadn’t realized the XPectant Bald-ma will take so long to give birth. I knew that Loong-Hoon was XPected to have a Long-Drawn Gatestation period but this is jest too much!

billyteo 2005-05-04 00:13 (link)
Well, it must be Microsoft Office politics that has made this Microsoft Project the final Microsoft Word in long delays. Microsoft Excels in this field.

jujuman 2005-05-04 06:37 (link)
What a Power-ful Point that was, maybe Microsoft needs greater Access to new markets by Internet Explorer-ing, which they have sadly been neglecting recently to the dismay of its faithful Entourage. This has made Microsoft seem to be Virtually Pc-issed out recently leading to the long Gates-tation period that they are in now.

billyteo 2005-05-04 15:22 (link)
I guess Microsoft needs to do a lot of Windows washing to clean up the operating system.
It’s either beat Apple or Linux (the Enemy At the Gates), or face the blue screen of death.

5 thoughts on “Very Pun-ny Geek Conversation

  1. Hey Kevin,

    sorry man, I have no idea how the extra L came from : )

    My theory is there is no reason…….

    Anyway, just wrote a short ode to you in my latest entry…hope you enjoy it.

  2. Will read… and I think I know what’s the culprit… AUTOCOMPLETE. It’s a danger to everyone when computers decide how we should do things ­čśŤ

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