Laziness can be a great virtue!


I’ve been stepping in and out of GTD (or Getting Things Done) and keeping RSS subscriptions with LifeHacker and 43 Folders in an attempt to make my life more organized and less stressful. The official GTD approach has you going through a specific workflow as well as purchasing necessary stationary as illustrated on MineZone Wiki: Notes from Getting Things Done by David Allen.

As you can see, GTD includes a number of steps to follow, which kind of turned me off. Some additional ideas on GTD are as hardcore as buying a fancy Moleskin notebook so you’ll be in the habit of writing down lists, while others take a more guerilla approach by using marked stacks of index cards and paper clips. While there are lots of simpler ideas and suggestions on making your life better on many GTD-related web sites, I have my own mantra to living better which involves “accomplishing what you need to do with the minimal amount of effort”. In other words, as my professor puts it, to treat laziness as a virtue.

So for those of you who, like me, can’t afford radical change or spending any more money on anything else, try ideas that require little input, but create incredible output (or change). One of the best case examples I’ve seen to date simply involves a letter-sized sheet of paper, a printer, and access to the web. I’m talking about PocketMod, which a LifeHacker reader deemed as “… a great hack to create a little organizer just from a printed sheet of paper”. Now that’s awesome! Here’s why:

pocketmod folding

  1. Pop over to the PocketMod site (it’s Flash-powered)
  2. Build an 8-page organizer online out of a number of pre-built templates including daily, weekly and monthly calendars, to-do and shopping lists, lined sheets and grids.
  3. Print out your sheet
  4. Follow the instructions to fold your organizer
  5. Start taking notes!

Check out how others have done so far. I like it because it’s tiny and ready to use because it’s cheap enough not to worry myself about wasiting pages with all kinds of scribbles. This is quick solution for people who are looking for simple lists that go beyond the standard blank sheet of paper. Now you can keep to your lazy, stingy self, yet still rock at work!

2 thoughts on “Laziness can be a great virtue!

  1. Hello,
    Pocketmod looks cool, I printed one myself, but is it really that usefull in real-life GTD implementation? For example, if your calendar is already full and you need another pocketmod, do you rewrite your unfinished next actions into new pocketmod?

    BTW, don’t you know about Microsoft Word template, where I could add my own text?

  2. Unlike the typical organizer, I believe that PocketMods are more disposable in it’s use… I believe that long term agendas are not what the PocketMod was designed for, but rather for emergency use where you meet someone new or when a thought pops into your head.

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