Singapore’s Inter-school Blogging Competition Results

Campus MoBlog If you didn’t know, the results were published for the first national inter-school blogging competition in Singapore.

This really sounded strange to me right from the start since blogging isn’t about competition, but of free individual expression. In any case, five junior colleges and twenty secondary schools entered the final round of this competition where their blogs were evaluated in terms of the depth and clarity of thought as well as the creativity of presentation by a panel. Some 18,00 unique votes were cast by online readers for the school blogs.

Dr Tan Seng Chee, Assistant Director of MOE Educational Technology Division, said: “When we blog, we write to a real audience, to someone out there who might be reading and, most importantly, responding to our blogs. Through this we learn new ideas, gain new perspectives, and learn to appreciate alternative views. I hope our participants have also learnt that because we are writing to a real audience, what we say has a real impact. We have to be sensitive to the feelings of others and be responsible. If not, we could hurt others unknowingly. Even in the face of new technologies, our moral judgments should still be key.”

Who came out tops?
Victoria Junior College and Nanyang Girls’ High School emerged as the champions. Their blogs and many more can be read at Campus MoBlog.

Hat-Tip to Elia Diodati for the news link