Geek Wishlist: Koyono’s BlackCoat T

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The Koyono BlackCoat T has been something I’ve wanted for a while but never gotten around to getting one. It’s hip and geek, since it features both simple styling with primary colors and good fabric, as well as the functionality of hidden pockets for my various gadgets (great for iPods). The flagship black shirt with red zipper may be “too stunning” for me, so I will probably opt for the white on white or black on black. I used to carry a whole bunch of stuff when I went out… so much so that it looked like I was wearing Batman’s belt. In any case if I do get a Koyono’s coat or shirt, I might do a review of it. For now you can check out this video of Koyono’s founder demonstrating the BlackCoat on TV, or visit their web site for the full range of products, including minimalist watches and wallets.

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