Flock: The coming of the social web browser

Flock people

With social web services like Flickr, Technorati and del.icio.us gaining popularity, our present means of working with these services from our traditional web browsers involves the use of hacks such as javascript bookmarklets and greasemonkey extensions. I feel that the web browser hasn’t yet been given the serious hardcore makeover it duely deserves since it’s an application that we probably use increasingly over other programs that involve word processing and email (Heck with the simple code wizardry, the web browser can now do all that!).

Flock advertises itself as a “social browser,” meaning that the application plays nicely with popular web services like Flickr, Technorati and del.icio.us. According to Wired, Flock also features widely compliant WYSIWYG, drag-and-drop blogging tools. The browser even promises to detect and authenticate all those user accounts automatically. It’s a clear attempt to be the browser of choice for the Web 2.0 user.

So far, bloggers everywhere love it… Roland Tanglao exclaimed how he was blown away during a Flock demo at OSCON 2005. Drag and drop blogging – drag text from a blog post and it automatically creates a cite tag with a link to the original post and the quoted text is indented using a blockquote tag, drag and drop Flickr photos, as well as future features like having del.icio.us as your bookmarks (goodbye to useless local bookmarks).

I can’t find many screenshots of Flock, so if you see any, do let me know. For now you can sign up on their homepage for beta invites.

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  1. Is flock that minimal looking? It doesn’t really matter I guess as long as the social web functions are in there. I hope to be able to beta test it for an early review.

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