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What’s Singapura.isthereason?
Singapura.isthereason is a “blog community” conceived in my spare time. Built for my Singaporean friends in Buffalo, the superblog showcases articles collected from blogs of various Singaporeans leading their diverse lives in the Buffalo, New York region. This community blog features the latest WordPress blogging engine (w/ spam control), an automated RSS feed aggregator/publisher (FeedWordPress), LiveSearch engine (thanks to BinaryBonsai’s K2 theme), dynamic AJAX-powered blog Archive, and an integrated Photo Gallery (WPG2 plugin). While I do my own quality control, there may still be bugs. If you discover any, please let me know in a calm and descriptive order (bug screenshots appreciated). When this blog is fully operational, the older will be shut down and redirected here (Mambo is just too bloated). Below is the first email update I just sent out to my buddies:

UB Singapura News
Our Singapura blog is getting primetime with updates now several times a day! Whoever said Buffalo was boring probably hasn’t met our clan of Singaporeans before… there’s so much going on you really have to bookmark it! If you blog, keep blogging! If you just love reading, do leave comments! Here are highlights of today’s blog posts (do check out our archived articles too!):

Today’s Highlights
1. “To Be with You” (alternative acoustic version)
– Listen to the MP3 track produced by a mysterious Singaporean friend in UB. No prizes for guessing who this talented person is!

2. Moon Cake Party @ Triads photos now available!

3. Breaking Up Poetry: Dead in my life & Loser
– written by our very own Singaporean poet

4. Andy sets up his own IRC channel for Anime

5. Nelson discovers Pretzel Onion Rings!

6. Jiayi bids a close friend farewell as he leaves for Japan

7. The much requested MAILING LIST for all of us is coming soon (pending GoogleGroups approval)

8. Finally, show your pride: Add the UB Singapura button to your blog!
– Image and HTML code provided for easy plugging

UB Singapura

Kevin “MacDaddy” Lim
:: Where Singapore lives in Buffalo! ::

2 thoughts on “Singapura Community Blog now rawkin’!

  1. You guys make me so jealous having a Singapore community in Buffalo. I’m stuck in Japan, never met a Singaporean here in 1.5 years and I miss potluck dinners!!!

  2. You know you could really start one going in Japan, that way you can organize potlucks of your own. Seriously. Contact me with your email and I’ll maybe I can get some friends in Japan to meet you.

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