To the guy who couldn’t park for nuts

idiot hits and runs I finished a long day at work only to be greeted by a bad bump on my Honda Accord. Some idiot not only had bad parking skills, but also wasn’t man enough own up to it. Gotta hate people who hit and run!

Fortunately, the Honda still held fast and remained dependable as always. Through thick and thin, this black 1993 Honda Accord has survived everything thrown at it. I must say that though I wasn’t completely fond of the car, she has served me loyally. With that, I shall endevour to take good care of her. ­čÖé

3 thoughts on “To the guy who couldn’t park for nuts

  1. So sorry to hear that man. Welcome to the club Kevin!!! Still remember what happened to my Lovely Honda Accord right? Anyway, Miss you and Penny alot. TTYL

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