New Orleans Mayor says “Get off your asses”

“I’m no drug addict man, I’m thinking clearly… what’s going on is ridiculous man!”

Hot via CNN, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin blasted the slow pace of federal and state relief efforts in a “colorfully explicit” interview with local radio station. In the mayor’s realistic view on Hurricane Katrina’s devastation, he even admitted that he was going to be in trouble for being so frank on radio about the U.S. government’s lack of quick response to their crisis, compared to events like 9/11 and the War in Iraq.

Listen to the entire “uncensored” radio interview and read the family-safe version of the transcript here.

UPDATE: The uncensored interview is now available as an MP3 via BinaryBonsai.

BTW: If you’re wondering how Hurricane Katrina got her name, the National Weather Service explains how and why.