Blog Traffic Report: Road closures due to heavy traffic


What a month of blogging! For the diverse range of articles I’ve published in August (especially for x86mac news & Singapore National Day), I’ve been getting more internet traffic than previously thought (no thanks to SiteMeter!).

Steve and Peter of have been very accommodating to how I’ve been sucking up a lot of their bandwidth. Just this month alone, they’ve raised the bandwidth limit on my site several times already! Yessirree, about 28,093 of you unique visitors have downloaded 6.36 GB of content from my blog in August 2005. This doesn’t include videos I’ve posted (hosted on .Mac and Internet Archives) or the other sites I run on the same server.

I’m taking two major steps to reduce bandwidth consumption:
1. Reduce the number of articles displayed on the blog from 25 to 15.
2. Allow for WordPress to compress articles (gzip) should browsers ask for them (good for some RSS newsreaders)

If you know of other WordPress options I could modify to make my blog more efficient, do tell. And no, I’m not going to take away images… I love pictures and I do whatever I can to compress them effectively.

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